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Wet Felted vessels Wool is perhaps the most ancient of fibres used to create something more usable. The ability to create a vessel out of wool using techniques akin to those used in pottery just feels so good. Our relative was a potter and the idea of making pots was intriguing until the wool was moulded into something that couldn't be crafted in clay. They are sustainable, breathable, light, soft and this is a love affair for sure. Our wet felted vessels can be used purely for decoration, or with a waterproof container, as pots for plants and also for air dried plants. Storage for small things, use your imagination. They make wonderful gifts. Check out our silk and wet felted scarves here.

Hand dyed silk habotai ribbons. They are hand torn for a softer look. Perfect for florist’s ribbons to tie wedding flowers, bridal bouquets, decorate event locations and church aisles. They can be used as gift wrapping ribbons for that touch of luxury, for journals, jewellery, hair accessories and more. See the description for exact measurements available for each colour.

If you need clarification just drop me an email to check dimensions for the colours you are interested in before you order.

The botanical ribbons are dyed from plants, fruits, flowers and berries. Each batch is unique as these are natures jewels.

We have three colours currently available as an Autumn Micro Collection which include Elderberry, Blackberry and Rowan Mountain Ash Berry. The berries are sustainably foraged near where we live.They are seasonal and therefore add a touch of luxury for an autumn wedding.

Available widths are 4cm and 5 cms with 130 cms upwards to 3 metres in length. Other sizes to order.

They are rolled on a wooden clothes peg or on a card with silk care instructions.

The hand torn silk ribbons can be made to order with your dimensions and can be pre ordered for 2023/24 for florists and bridal.

We do try to upload the images as close to the real colours, but these may vary across devices.

As well as the botanical dyes which are from berries, plants and other gifts from nature, Rebecca makes silk dyed ribbons with a marbled effect which makes for very pretty ribbons popular with florists. Colours can be made to match your flowers and colour scheme. We recommend ordering sufficient, perhaps plus an extra metre or so for your requirements as no two batches will be the same. Colours can be soft and pale, bright like jewels or dark.

Just drop Rebecca a WhatsApp or an email if you would like to use this bespoke service.

A few of our handmade hats are show pieces purely for decoration. They may be too fragile to wear out and about. They are often a labour of love like the Kanzashi hat in lavender blue. Each petal of each flower is put together by hand and then layered to create stunning floral designs. Look out for more hats and fashion accessories with Kanzashi in the future.

Kanzashi pieces. The Japanese term kanzashi refers to a wide variety of accessories. These include long rigid hairpins, fabric flowers and fabric hair ties. A Tsumami Kanzashi flower can have as many as 100 petals or perhaps more, each created individually from small squares of ribbon, organza, silk or similar fabric. The piece is then assembled petal by petal to create stunning flowers. Emma has leant this technique and now creates one of a kind headbands, brooches and clips to add that something special to your outfit.

Mixed media silk textile wall art pieces have been added to the shop, these are gorgeous vibrant stitched fibre decor pieces made from silks, beads and various fibres.There are originals on sale. Prints and cards of gallery works will be added soon.

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