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Wildly Created

Wildly Created is a collaboration of skills, talents, designs, ideas and a passion for producing amazing pieces of tactile wearable and visual art. Our studio is near Kinsale in Cork, Ireland. Currently we are making fully lined hats in various sizes and shapes, gorgeous fascinators, masquerade masks, hand painted silk scarves, wet felted neck warmers and cowls, fabric wrist cuffs and a growing collection of fashion accessories. We have included a decor and gifts page with wet felted vessels, kanzashi pieces and mixed media textile wall hangings. Our range will expand to include other products over time. Every piece is a unique creation. Enjoy browsing our collections.


Emma wearing one of her creations

For years I wanted to make hats and masks, I visited Venice and other Italian cities to see their incredible masks and that cemented even further my desire. After being away for a few years I returned to Ireland with my young son and the opportunity to begin the process of bringing my dreams to reality began. I have made jewellery and other items in the past and follow in the family tradition of being creative. Dozens of designs and ideas in sketchbooks were made. Paper patterns were worked on and over weeks and months, hats started to take shape. Getting materials was challenging with lockdowns and Brexit, we found ways around and gathered our stocks of treasures. Initially it was my baby, however, I realised I lacked some of the skills needed to work certain parts of the hats so little by little I passed tasks over to Rebecca. Eventually, we decided to make it official and call it a collaboration. She had to learn new skills too and all the time we had during lockdown was the prefect opportunity for that to take place. Going forward, I am super excited to bring our creations to the world. They are everything I had hoped for and more.


Rebecca with her camera

I adore working with silk and produce tactile textile wall hangings which have evolved over the years with papier dechire cards from my  Elemental Colours range to silk ones of the ocean, desert, earth and fire. I am deeply inspired by nature and what I observe around me.

When Emma asked me to work along side her on this journey, I was concerned I would be able to move from two dimensional work to structured three dimensional pieces. It was a learning curve and an exciting one. I also started producing fabric wrist cuffs as an extension of my textile ideas and then I tentatively tried the hats too. I was quickly hooked. I then hand them over to Emma to apply feathers. This is my first collaboration and am delighted to be part of this.

I have been a soft pastel artist for many years, a dressmaker and designer and I love being out and about with my camera. I enjoy trying out new mediums and working with different materials, this last two years has given me many opportunities to broaden my skill base and produce a variety of work I am very pleased with. More recently I have started with wool and fibre items both wearable and decorative. I am excited to see where our journey takes us. To find out more about me you can find links here:

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