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All Rebecca's silk scarves are hand painted and hand dyed with love using various techniques; some are Japanese in origin like the shibori and arashi shibori. On some, she uses salt to manipulate the dyes into unique designs and others are techniques she has developed over the years. They are always evolving, therefore we recommend checking back regularly to see new products. Rebecca tries to limit her palette to 3 or 4 colours for each scarf, this allows them to be stand-alone statement pieces and they complement many types of outfits and can dress up or down any ensemble. These are timeless pieces that should grace every wardrobe. She uses French professional dyes for her scarves; they are steamed to fix the permanency of the colours and then washed to remove any excess. Care instructions are included with each scarf. They are very popular as gifts.

New for 2023 are Wet Felted Scarves and Cowls.

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If you would like to commission a scarf for yourself or as a gift, get in touch.

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