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Florists Silk Ribbons brights and darks

  • Hand dyed silk habotai ribbons. These florists silk ribbons in bright and dark colours are dyed using proffessional French silk dyes. They are hand torn for a softer look. Perfect for florist's ribbons to tie wedding flowers, bridal bouquets, decorate event flowers and church aisles. They can be used as gift wrapping ribbons for that touch of luxury, for journals, jewellery, hair accessories and more. Each batch is unique. They have beautiful irregular patterns and shading along the length of the ribbons. These can be ordered if you would like to get in touch with your requirements. 

    Each piece is 4 or 5cm wide.

    They are rolled on a wooden clothes peg to prevent creases. Silk care instructions come with the ribbons.

    Colours may vary across devices.


  • rust 01 3metres x 4cm

    rust 02 3metres x 5cm

    hot pink 01 3metres x 4cm

    hot pink 02 3 metres x 4cm

    hot pink 03 3metres x 4cm

    cherry plum 3metres x 4cm

    violet rose 3meres x 4cm

    salmon red 3 metres x 4cm

    red 02  3metres x4cm

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