Fascinators as we know them have been around since the '60s, though I suspect much much longer under a different guise. Many women prefer the fascinator to a fitted hat, for ease of wearing, for its lightness, for its wow factor and the ability to have an amazing hairdo to go with it. Race days and in particular Ladies Day have made the fascinator extremely popular and desirable, they are much sought after for weddings too to match the ensemble of the bridal group and guests alike.

Here in our studio near Kinsale in Cork, Ireland, we design and create unique headpieces both for our website and as bespoke pieces commissioned by clients for their special occasion. We use rich fabrics and silks for our bases, matching Alice bands, an array of feathers; some we dye ourselves, ribbons, fabrics, embellishments and other items in our fascinators. We may include an upcycled piece of jewellery or vintage buttons, a piece of fabric from the clients outfit if it is handmade, something of sentimentality perhaps. Each piece is a stand alone creation, perfect for your next event or occasion. Get in touch if you would like a consultation. Browse our silk scarves here.